Horologist. (Pirates of the Caribbean) Not a whorologist.

A person skilled in the art of making clocks and watches. The base <hor(e)> derived from Greek “hora” meaning “hour”. One of its relatives is <horoscope>, looking into the hour (of birth).

Horologist joke (Pirates of the Caribbean)Whorology.
Well, this word is only in the urban dictionary, in which the assumption is that the initial base is <whore>. The grapheme <wh> with phoneme /h/ is seen in <who>. The grapheme choice comes from the fact that <whore> comes from Middle/Old English. A very long entry which has me thinking of the [c] [H] connection of Latin “carus” and Old English “hore” ) which is seen in corn/horn).

The study of the written English language can come from anywhere. Likewise it can lead anywhere, as well.


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