Where is Ravish Kumar ? Why is he not coming in prime time

First of all, I do not know the place Ravish Kumar is and why he’s not that includes in prime time from final 4–5 days.Where is Ravish Kumar
I’m writing reply to this query as a result of simply once I learn this query one factor got here to my thoughts.

Ravish Kumar as soon as stated in an interview, ‘ मै ये बात देख कर बड़ा परेशान हो जाता हूँ की अगर मैं 4–5 दिनों तक प्राइम टाइम में नहीं आता तो लोग सवाल पूछना शुरू कर देते हैं कि मैं कहाँ गया? मै क्यों नहीं आ रहा? लोगो ने मुझसे एक अजीब सा रिश्ता बना लिया है जो की बिलकुल भी सही नहीं है। आपको खबर से मतलब होना चाहिए न की खबर बताने वाले से।’

( I get frightened by seeing this,that once I do not function in prime time for 4–5 days individuals get fear. They begin asking the place I’m? Why I’m not anchoring? People have created some form of a bond with me which is simply not proper! You must be involved concerning the information not about the one that reads it.)

I believe all of us should perceive this information are extra essential not the information anchor. We do not consider the group which is backstage; reporters, script writers, presentation staff, digital camera man, director and many others. They are additionally working for that information however all of us deal with who’s in entrance of digital camera and this considering just isn’t a irrational and proper method in direction of information.

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  1. Ravish sir you want to must come on prime time because when your time on channel viewers rate increase 2to2.5M it's your effect to aware about this epidemic virus people must follow you

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