The future is mobile. You might even be reading this on your phone right now! The truth is that adults spend nearly three hours of their day on their phone, and that’s just the average. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your site could be underperforming when it comes to the user experience. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, I’m sitting down with our host Alexandra Hall and guest Layla Lamajier as we discuss tips for making some mobile site magic, the week’s trending topics, and providing you with the tips you need to stand out on IG.

Instagram Cuts the Dead Weight (00:00-07:18)

We’re kicking the discussion off with news from Instagram as they move toward restricting dangerous weight-loss claims in content. This change comes after years of product pushing from celebrities like the Kardashians who claim products like a weight-loss shake have transformed their bodies. Then we’re getting into the spooky spriting with the dos and don’ts of Halloween marketing on Twitter, and we’re talking about a small addition to Pinterest’s capabilities. 

Shine Bright Like an Instagram Diamond in the Rough (07:18-15:14)

When 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram a day, how do you stand out and get noticed? I’m sharing my 3 tips for better content, lighting, and quality of photos.  I also share how these elements can elevate your Instagram posts. 

Be Mobile Minded (15:14-26:09)

Layla is wrapping up the day’s discussion with the key factors that make a website “mobile-friendly.” These quick fixes can update your site’s mobile design, functionality, and usability so you can convert more customers and improve the user’s experience online. 


Up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device. 

Still not sure if you’re making the most out of mobile? 

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