Here are some tips and tricks that help make a wedding photography business successful.

Having worked as a professional wedding photographer.

for over 10 years now and a keen amateur since way before that, I’m always excited to share what works for me when photographing a couple’s big day. I have (I’ll admit) in the past suffered from GAS, or gear acquisition syndrome, and rather than this being a generally unpleasant odor following me around, it means I’ve bought a lot of unnecessary kit, tried tricks and techniques that didn’t work or were, frankly just more hassle than the problem they were meant to solve.

Prior to the Big Day

  • Create a gallery for the couple online prior to the day to upload the images into. Then, using your computer, create a QR code that links to your online client photo gallery on your website.
  • Create an online discount code for your shop customized for the happy couple. If they think that you’re creating a specific code for them, they are more likely to share the code with guests and spend money with you.
  • Hire or at least offer a second photographer for the happy couple. Nothing feels worse than delivering photos of a beautiful bride getting ready with hardly any of the groom, best men, groomsmen and father/s of the respective couple.
  • As photographers, we can’t be in two places at once, and it’s as important to cover the groom getting ready as it is the bride. Remember, because you’ll have lots of extra photos to edit, you should consider adding an extra fee to what you charge your couple for your second photographer to cover the extra work.









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