Fashion comes in every aspect of one’s life whether it comes to selecting an outfit, shoes, any decoration, your personality or even maintaining a Healthy lifestyle. This blog is all about a fashion and beauty blogger who’s account I recently came across named Tanya Mittal. She runs a blog named talk2tiara.


If you are someone who loves to stay updated about what’s trending in the fashion world or what product or service we should use when it comes to adapting a Healthy lifestyle and if you’re a shopping junkie and always looking out for some really cool brand discount codes too then you must check out her blog – Talk2tiara.

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 Not only she is very good at her work when it comes to fashion but she also makes sure that whatever style she is recommending will not burn a hole in anyone’s pocket and stay within a budget so what’s better than getting information about the latest fashion and beauty updates while remaining in a budget.  She has been featured on some of the most reputed fashion platforms for her amazing work and not to forget that she has worked with some of the most amazing fashion and beauty brands as well such as Amazon, Popxo, Pantene, L’Oreal, Himalaya, Cadburys, Garnier and much more. She is also a Co partner with Mumbai Web.

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So yeah now you have the secret to conquer all your fashion needs at one place. If you ever need a recommendation for your fashion choices or you ever doubt yourself while selecting an outfit just go to her blog and check out the latest update.

Whether it comes to style a  simple outfit in five different ways or whether you are having second thoughts about any latest launched product Talk2tiara got covered you can simply check out the blog and stay updated.

Tak2tiara Tacfab

She’s also brand ambassador of Tacfab a leading ethnic wear clothing brand in India – You can check out that story here! Along with that her life story and struggles has also been featured on humans of Bombay Instagram which is indeed truly inspiring – here.

Check out Talk2tiara social media here – Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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