A preferred saying in software program is that 80% of customers use 20% of your options. Perhaps that is true, however it’s not helpful in apply. The issue is it’s by no means the identical 20%. The collective 20%’s intersect with 100% of options, that means each fringe characteristic has viewers. This presents a design problem when you’re searching for a easy interface.

opinionated interface

One resolution is to design an opinionated interface. Have an opinion on which options outline the core expertise. That opinion is guided by information, observations, and instinct. However, finally, it’s a subjective name on how the product ought to work, and the way it ought to be used.

naive resolution

Utilizing that opinion as a information, you may design the naive resolution — an interface that solely contains core options, openly omitting secondary options. The result’s a product that’s fantastically quick and easy for the core expertise, however missing a depth of options.

The problem now turns into including that depth of options with out slowing or complicating the core expertise. Every further characteristic now has a transparent price and profit. You’re pressured to implement options in an applicable means, or not at all.


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