Hello this is the satish from India. I have a very bad experience with above mentioned website so want to  give reviews about wp-shop.xyz company. It is a fraud company which meant to be WordPress theme shopping website.

How they attract you?

clarity of wp-shop website

First, they will show you to all the genuinity and offers on their website. You may feel that it’s a genuine company or genuine website for shopping. But actually, there are lot of problems with website.

Fake Payment gateway of wp-shop.xyz website.

The payment gateway they are using that doesn’t actually your payment gateway website they will deduct your money and will not directed to wp-shop.xyz website. So, the team of wp-shop.xyz website will take 10 days to confirm your payment.

They delete your Account

Later they will suspend or delete your account and further 6 to 7 days they will irritate you by saying login with the same Id with which actually doesn’t work.

they delete your account

You won’t be able to login again to wp-shop.xyz website after payment due to the user id and password does not exist to their website. They will delete your account. I came to know this because I was able to register an account with the same email and username.

Fake Hopes from Team of wp-shop.xyz

You can see the mail of the their support team.

fake chatting of wp-shop.xyz wehsiteIf you mail them to their support team They will keep updating you about the effort they are taking to recover your account but it is fully useless. You can see the screen shot I have attached.

Last fake thing on website

If you are logged in to the website how can above it shows as login button link. see in the screenshot. Be Aware. Aftr reading this article they may change the design of the website. but overall wp-shop.xyz is a fake company.


I have given Complaint to the police station and Security advisory. we are working on it. They will be Punished wherever they are.

If you also have bad experience with wp-shop.xyz company let us know in comments.

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