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Mr Mithun CEO, Founder, Vip Matrimonial Services Pvt Ltd.

November 2, 2022

Satish - Designer Satish - Development Mrs Ekta - Marketer

Branding Identity, Redesign Logo, Art Direction

We would like to introduce our company “VIP Matrimonial Services” which has been in business for personalized matchmaking for the past 12 years.

Why Vip matrimonial services?

Our service is highly confidential and discreet.
We also assure you that your confidential details are highly secured with us and from the beginning till the last stage when your marriage is fixed we will provide 100% support. We only accept clients for whom we feel that we can confidently find life partners. Not only that, but we believe in quality over quantity. We specialize in high-caliber professional and affluent business people.

There are no guarantees in life, but the one thing that we can promise is that we will put our heart and soul into the search for your soul mate. We are absolutely passionate about what we do, and nothing gives us more pleasure than connecting with like-minded people on their life’s journey for their lifelong bond.

Our Approach

We only accept clients for whom we feel that we can confidently find life partners. We believe in quality over quantity. Furthermore, we specialize in high-caliber professionals and affluent business people.

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After launch, brand interaction across all social channels increased. The brand went from having a few hundreds of thousands of followers to over a million in just a few months.


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