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Onkar Associates legal firm

November 11, 2022

Satish - Designer Mithun - Development Mrs Tina - Marketer

Branding Identity, Redesign Logo, Art Direction

Company Information

Onkar Associates Law Firm is the finest Law Firm in India. The firm provides value legal services across range of practice areas which includes civil, divorce, criminal matters, banking, property, etc. The key reason behind setting up Onkar Associates is its partner desire to bring service into excruciating focus and to provide fiscally viable legal advice in all the sectors of the penny- pinching. Our lawyers are fully skilled professionals and give innovative solutions to the wearying legal issues. The team is result oriented. The excellent practice requires profound legal knowledge and understanding of the local and international jurisdiction.

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After launch, brand interaction across all social channels increased. The brand went from having a few hundreds of thousands of followers to over a million in just a few months.

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The most important thing in our cooperation is the result. Sometimes a lot depends on the quality of the result. We recognize that the most important aspects of your life depend on doing business.

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